Seller Paperwork

The Forms Below are Necessary to the Short Sale Process.

Please Print and Fill Out Each Form Completely in BLUE ink.

Any Form not filled out Completely and in BLUE ink will Delay our Success. 

The Short Sale Process can be Long and Stressful. We will work with You,We understand the pressure you are under. We are here to help.

Although We cannot guarantee that your lender will agree to a Short Sale. We promise to do everything we can to eliminate as many inconveniences as possible. 

1.    FBI Warning

2.    Homeowner Presentation

3.    Foreclosure vs. Short Sale Chart

4.    FTC-MARS Disclosure

5.    Dodd-Frank Certification

6.    Form A Short Sale Authorization to Release Information

7.    Form D Hold Harmless Agreement 

8.    Form E CDPE Homeowner Document Checklist

9.    Form F CDPE Homeowner Financial Worksheet 

10.  Form H Listing Addendum

11.  Form L Property Repairs/Damage Worksheet 

12.  Form N Sample Hardship Letter

13.  Form P Short Sale Disclosure

14.  Form T Afadavit of Arms Length Transaction 

15.  Form V Options for Homeowners to Avoid Foreclosure

16.  HAFA Lien Holder Release Form

17.  HAFA Letters Short Sale Agreement 

18.  B of A HAFA Guide